Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little Devils

Here's another page I made at Connie's, but just now journaled. These two sure are little devils. The photos say it all!! *click any pic for a closer look* Thanks for stopping by!

And, on a side note: Irene is being buried in Morehead, KY at the family cemetery on Sunday. Our family will have a private viewing here locally on Friday evening. Thanks again for your many thoughts and prayers. She sure was a special lady. :)
Today's blessings:
Groceries (ooh and Yoplait on sale for 3/$1!!!)
Warm house
Jack going in his kennel without being told!
Mom lovingly stopping by work with a fresh frosted cookie from the bakery and having me fill my gas tank...her treat! :)
Getting to stamp at work! (making more sympathy cards for the office)
The gentle snowfall outside. The yard looks like it was sprinkled with glitter! Gorgeous!

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