Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

I started making this card early Wednesday morning and finished it Wednesday night. It's insane that I am up that early most days now. I don't consider myself a morning person. :)
I used paper and cardstock stickers from a retired SU! scrappin' kit and added a few doo-dads and some paper piercing.
Instead of wrapping the ribbon around the card front, I created a larger slot punch to thread the ribbons through. Just a different way to tie the ribbon. It wasn't my idea. I saw it somewhere way back when....probably in the SU! catalog or online.
Does this look like an innocent face? Well, let me tell's a hairy monster under the spare bed. LOL! Jack has been crawling under the spare bed for a while. It wasn't until Wednesday night that I discovered his little playground under there. I heard a sound like ripping paper and...
...once he moved I saw the packets of photos that slid out from a bag. Ah ha! He was ripping the photo envelopes and having a hay day under there. Turkey boy! Ah...the endless adventures of having puppies here! :) Love it! Guess that means I REALLY need to organize all my photos in one "puppy-proof" place. I've had that idea on my to-do list for forever. *sigh*

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