Thursday, January 8, 2009

He likes it! He likes it!

Does this not melt your heart? This may be my fav pic of Jack thus far. I look at this and melt. He is such a blessing. He is ornery and tries to push my buttons, but dog gone it (pun intended), he is so cute I can't help but rub my nose in his fur and kiss him. I love Eskie fur!! Gotta love my hand in this one. I had to "hold" him and redirect him to look at me. Yes, Riley was circling us ready to pounce and bite his big brother so Jack was looking all over the place. LOL!
He likes it! He likes it! After some serious rambunctious time, I had to separate the boys into their separate kennels tonight for "quiet time". They are pups and just get wound up so fast. They were both so tired from no evening nap and just didn't know when to quit. So, Momma helped 'em out by giving them time alone....LOL! I am beginning to wonder if this is how moms feel with REAL children. Whew....I'm just plain worn out with these two FURbabies. :) I am so glad he likes his new bed after all. Yeah! This is his "puppy jail" look.
It's as if he's saying, "Oh mom. I am so tired. Riley wore me out."....."and mom....please stop that flashy thing in my eye!" LOL! Then, Momma says..."But,'ll make such a cute page to show the blog visitors." My goal is to get things organized for my crop time on the 17th at Connie's house. Yeah! Then, I'll have crafty stuff to share again! :)
I like to say in this pic he's "smiling", but really it was just an action shot "mid-snarl" while playing with his little bro Riley. Whew....gotta love the clean and white! OH, and that stinkin' cute pink dot on his nose. Yep, that's my Eskie. I'd know him in a group shot of Eskies because of his pink spots. LOL!
Another action shot. Jack likes to crawl under beds despite his very long legs. This is him under the chair by the computer in the spare room. He had just been under the bed to the right and was snarling and playing with "flapped back Dumbo ears" Riley. What a hoot! See why I haven't stamped anything lately? You forgive me, right?

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