Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Jabber

It is another snowy day here. I only worked 'til noon. I ventured to the photo store and got some prints for scrapbooking. I slid home, shoveled, slid back to pick them up and then I went by Wendy's to get Joan and Connie's new SU! catalogs. (insert evil laugh) Hee hee I'm gonna drool on every page, then deliver it to them Saturday. Mmmmm.....LICK! Hee hee Since I'm not a demonstrator anymore, they have a new "drug dealer". LOL! Stamps are the best drug! LOL!

I played in the snow with Festus (aka Riley) and Elroy (aka Jack) for a while. They ran, played and ate sticks. I swear they are pure pup through and through....everything has to go in the mouth! Argh! Riley was matted with snow from head to toe and underneath. He wore his new letterman's jacket so he was warm for a bit at least. He created paths in the snow with his little rowdy body as he chased Jack. Jack is faster than lightning out there! He's so strong and runs everywhere.....lovin' every minute! I had my boots on and acted....uh, about age 12 for a while. I'm a kid at heart and always will be! I took a ton of pictures....mostly of moving animals blurred with the snow, but a few turned out. Silly boys! Silly Momma, too!
Now that I have licked the SU! catalog, it's time for a little creative scrappin'. I'm heading downstairs to plan pages for Saturday's crop or maybe to even finish some pages while I plan. I tend to do that. Stay warm and yes, I know...I need to post something crafty real soon or my whole blog fan club will vanish....what few visitors I might still have. LOL! Love ya!

Wanted to share the good news that Irene is doing better today! Praise God!

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