Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wild West Day

Rhonda wore a bull costume. Ok, she is my sister, but today I didn't claim her. LOL! Chris decided to try out for the rodeo in our hallway! Patients know we are hard-working, but they also enjoy seeing us having fun together. I saw a lot of smiles on their faces today. :)
This is serious blackmail material. Gotta love a snorting bull with a name badge on! Wacko! That was about the only normal thing on Rhonda today! She had some seriously glamorous hair when the day was done. LOL! (hey, mom and I seriously related to her?)
What another fun day! Dr. D was the sheriff. He said this was his GQ pose. He makes us all feel so appreciated during our Employee Appreciation days. :)
Terra and Dr. R were partners in crime. Yee Haw! Adorable Terra is due with her first baby in October. You'd never know she's 20 1/2 weeks pregnant, huh? She has a cute little round bulge under her vest. :)
Vickie was decked out and looked quite cute I thought.
Our office mascot Reginald was festive,too. He's a stuffed reindeer made from socks and brown work gloves. He has real kid clothes on and is usually the talk of the office depending on what mischief he's into. LOL!
Dr. Danielle and Sara were the cutest cowgirls this side of the Mississippi!

I managed to wear denim, a patchwork shirt and a cowboy hat all day. I had some serious hat head! LOL! It was fun and we enjoyed "beans and weenies", chips, and yummy desserts. Dr. D had Gene Autry tunes playing for all to hear. Yee Haw! Until next year's dress-up time....:)

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