Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fiesta Day

Every year at our office, Dr. D plans Employee Appreciation Days. This week we are having Fiesta Day and Wild West Day. It is a fun way to show our silly side, have fun and enjoy great food. Dr. D's wife made enchiladas, Texas Sheet Cake and brought chips/salsa. Dr. D said Texas was close enough to "south of the border" so that was dessert. :)
Today was Fiesta Day. Dr. V and Dr. D had on their garb and posed after lunch. Dr. V lived in Guatemala for several years with his missionary parents and that is a real machete on his belt.
Sara, Kathy (aka Pepito) and Vickie all dressed to the nines for this theme. Love that mustache Pepito! Vickie wore her authentic scarf and brought her fan from Spain. She went with a Spanish theme instead of Mexican. Sara was a cute little chica!
Cindy decided to be the comedian and wear her "swine flu" mask for a quick picture. Although we take the swine flu seriously in our office (thank goodness for no cases here), this was kinda funny! The Mariachi music was playing from her desk and about drove her nuts by the end of the day. Arriba Arriba.....yoo hoo! Yep, it was pretty wild at work today!
Karen wore her Mexican soccer jersey. Her smile shows she was less than thrilled to get her picture taken. :)
Yep, there are always party poopers. Well, hmm...I don't really have anything "south of the border" and I need to be super comfy for my job. I decided to wear my bright scrubs (you can't see my lime green pants here). I told Dr. D that my spots were "taco toppings" blue=blue corn chips, green=guacamole, orange=cheese, red=tomatoes, etc. Lisa wore her fiesta scrub. The triangles look like tortilla chips. Her black pants=black olives. Katie wore brown pants (taco meat) and a bright scrub top. So, we all called ourselves the "taco bar". Yeah, right. LOL! And, yes I was very comfy today. Now, what to wear Thursday for Wild West Day. Oh boy! Scrubs again? They are like pajamas! :)
Barb (my sweet, sweet co-worker who recently lost her dog and has the granddaughter with VADER syndrome and I asked you to pray for) wore her daughter's authentic scarf. Dr. D had brought in several sombreros to share.
It is a GORGEOUS day here today! Between the sunshine, a fun day at work and the last week of American Idol starting....well, this day ain't too shabby I say! :) I have a dentist appt. tomorrow, then Mom and I are going to Mansfield. I love my half days on Wednesday. Thanks for stopping by and I'll share one more little card this week. Adios amigos!

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