Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flood Zone

Well, it sprinkled earlier today. No big deal. Jack kept pacing the floor like a maniac tonight and nothing soothed him. The thunder clapped and the lightning flashed. I kept trying to tell him all was well. Then, it POURED BUCKETS! I had just finished my last load of laundry and had hung up my pants. Then, it happened. Water started seeping in the basement wall near our dryer (and a window). Then, it came and came and came.....all along the front wall in my craft area. The carpet got soaked, the tile was a great smooth surface for water to coast across (sigh) and we scrambled like worker ants with EVERY TOWEL WE OWNED to soak up the water. It was too much and the towels just floated on the surface. Granted, it was only a half inch deep, but in our basement (and by the carpet) that is one half inch too much. It traveled all the way over to the storage area under the steps. Not sure yet if it went under all the Christmas decoration boxes, etc. It even came from an odd corner under his work bench in the laundry room. It hasn't done that before. At one point, after losing the water battle I said "I need a break." It was that or lose my cool. I came up to survey the downpour. It wasn't letting up and our street was a raging river along the curb. The back yard drain was overcome and the back 1/4 of our yard was a swimming pool. I was afraid to let Riley out so he PEED in the house...TWICE! I can handle some pee. I am sick of water!

We now have tons and tons of soaked towels to wash, carpet to clean, tile to mop and a complete disarray of things everywhere and out of place. We spun the soaked towels in between fighting the flow of water. We are whooped. I'm not a drinker, but I could down a few right now. LOL!

In perspective, at least we don't live in earthquake or hurricane zones. Yuck!
Hmm...guess my half day off tomorrow will be spent downstairs cleaning and disinfecting rain water from everything. I think Riley drank a tankful of it as it ran across the floor. Seriously. No wonder he peed. LOL! Yep, all I can do now is laugh. OH and here is a song for today....click HERE, then click the play arrow on the 4th version. It's the best.

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Lisadwb said...

Oh Natalie, I am sorry to hear that. Just a word of advice from some one that has BTDT- call in the pros. There is no way for you to get the water out of your walls-a SERIOUS mold hazard!! They have special tols to check your walls. We had to replace a ton of drywall when this happened.They may even suggest removing the carpet-it is almost impossible to get water out of the padding which acts as a sponge and a breeding ground for mold.
Good luck!!