Friday, May 15, 2009

Puppy Jail, a Bird Egg and Prayers Needed

Ah, it's RUFF being a puppy. Momma keeps me in puppy jail while she's at work. I'm too ornery to graduate yet! At least I have my snuggly red blankie with me in jail. Isn't my new haircut cute? Momma had Betsy trim me shorter and cut my face in a puppy style. I'm so handsome I deserve to be out of jail. Amen. Luv, Riley
Momma keeps us in puppy jail in the back yard, too. This is where we were tonight while she was checking on the baby bird egg that fell on the ground. We whimpered. I think she did, too, since she was sad for the egg. Do you see Riley's very green paws? That's cuz Momma mowed and we ran like maniacs in the grass. (psst....I'm the handsome one on the right. Luv, Jack)
Ok, now it's my turn to write. When I was mowing on the west side of our house, I noticed this blue egg under one of the small bushes. I went back later to see if I could find a nest it may have fallen from. No. The only nest I know of is in the tall bush near the front of the house. Wonder if the momma bird laid it here or what? It puzzled me, but I wanted so badly to make a difference and put it back for her. God bless that little baby bird. It probably won't make it, I'm guessing. I didn't know what to do so it is still there in the same spot. *sniffle*
Sorry, still nothing crafty to share. I did want to update you on a few things. Kevin's job was reduced to four days a week instead of five. That will mean an even tighter budget here. It is a blessing to have a job in this economy and we are certainly counting our blessings. We'll adjust. When he called me at work to tell me, the pit of my stomach rose up in my throat. At first, I thought he was going to tell me they laid him off. Whew. That could happen, but for now he's there four days a week. Not complaining, just informing.
Please pray for Kaylee Holtzapple. She is the beautiful 3-year-old granddaughter of my co-worker Barb. Kaylee was born with several birth defects (V.A.T.E.R. syndrome) and has undergone several corrective surgeries (ortho, urological and bowel). Just today they found out from her urologist that she will have to be catheterized every 3 hours. She retains urine, which in turn damages her kidneys. She had just begun potty training and will now have to change that. She was also born with no anus, had surgery to form one and has no bowel control. She was to begin bowel training in order to "hold" it in big girl panties. This may all be graphic, but it will help you understand some of her difficulties and what to pray for. Barb and her husband will visit Kaylee in Kentucky this weekend for a family celebration of her other granddaughter's first birthday. I told Barb to have a safe trip, then she told me the news and we shared a hug and some tears. She is such a dear woman and I couldn't help but share so you can pray for their family. Thanks!
And, lastly...Kristie Gauss. She is the one with cancer I talk of often. Her son, Zak, has been having some breathing, eating and swallowing difficulties. They aren't sure if he has asthma, a swallowing problem or if this is all completely stress related. Kristie also has a sinus infection. This family remains so faithful day to day and any prayer for them is so appreciated.
You day off work per week is so minor when you put it all into perspective, huh? :)
On Saturday, I am picking up our food from Angel Ministries, getting my hair cut/colored and then spending time with my sister, mom and nieces. Kevin and my dad are going to the drag races. Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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