Monday, May 25, 2009

My Life is a Comic

Jack really does to this crazy "one ear up, one ear down" thing. Scary this is so much like him.
They don't get table scraps like this. I share one bite of this or that, but they have to stay healthy (unlike their junk-food-eating Momma). :)
They have an orange ball and an array of things "chewy" like these two in the comic. LOL!
One thing is guaranteed...every time I am sorting laundry the above scenario happens. Always. I'll tell you though....Kevin has no polka-dotted boxers. LOL! Gotta love the look on these two faces. Riley is delighted and scampering away quickly. Jack,the sneaky one, has that look of "not me". So totally my boys! I have two orphan socks still. I wonder where he put them!

For those who don't know...Mr. Sheet is the softest sheet in the world. He is part of a pair of sheets from the 70s. The fitted one, Mrs. Sheet, is on the spare bed over the duvet cover to repel the dog hair. Those sheets rock! The pattern is so retro, but they are so soft. The boys like them, too. :)
The boys share our king bed each night. Riley has to be touching someone and is usually up against me. Jack sleeps between our feet at the end of the bed. They are so worth it. They totally crack us up daily and it's kinda scary just how accurate this comic is to our lives! :)
Just had to share for a laugh. If you ever wonder what we're up to, just reference this comic. They forgot one scene.....running, biting, fighting. That's normal here, too. LOL!!!!!!!

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