Friday, May 29, 2009

Love the Hoover

Well, my sweet co-worker lent me her Hoover Steam Cleaner. All I had to do was buy a bottle of cleaner. I have just finished vacuuming and steam cleaning the basement carpet. That thing is twice as heavy as a regular vacuum, so my carpal tunnel and bum shoulder sure got a workout. Ouch. Looks like things are going to dry quickly, then I can give it a finishing vacuum touch. I love the look of "sweeper marks". LOL! Other houses in town got way more water and I am just thankful I'm about done with the cleanup job. Our neighbors next door had their basement waterproofed earlier this year and I asked her today if they had a drop of water. Nope! I was happy their investment paid off!

This weekend I will be finishing up the basement fiasco, steam cleaning the main floor carpet, doing wedding things for Julie and finding some time to relax and recoup from this past crazy week. I'll see you on the flip side....

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