Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prayers for Mic Becerra

A friend's husband was just diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia Thursday. His name is Mic Becerra (pronounced Mick Buh-sarah). I asked her if I could post the info for a prayer request. He will immediately begin an intense week of chemotherapy, followed by 4-6 weeks of maintenance treatment. His immune system will be knocked out and it is important that he gets no infections during his treatment time. He will be hospitalized the entire time until they test him again to see if he is in remission. Mic and Wendy have two children. She asked that we pray that he will get through the treatment without any infections, that he will be able to tolerate the treatment and that the white blood cells will return as healthy, productive white cells. Thanks to everyone who will say a prayer(s) for this dear family. I will update for continued prayer requests as I learn more about his treatment and progress.


hatlady said...

Thank you, Natalie, for the information on Mic Becerra. We moved from the Akron area several years ago and have not seen Mic or Wendy since then. We're so sorry to hear, but we are praying and praying and praying that healing will happen. Thanks again. Carol W.

Eliz. said...

Many staff members at MHS and residents of Wadsworth are worried about Mic and his family. We are waiting to hear good news. He is young and strong. I and others I talk to, wish him well.