Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Craft Farm Highlights-Saturday

This is one of my fav pages I did this weekend. Click for a closer look. More detailed pic below.
Connie had these hilarious pig slippers.
I forgot to take a picture of breakfast or lunch on Saturday. We had stuffed french toast and thick-sliced bacon for breakfast. For lunch we had baked potato bar with all different toppings to choose from and tortilla soup. Yum! For dinner, we had side salad, chicken breast and three-cheese pasta. In the pic below, the food portions look small, but I couldn't even eat the chicken breast since it was so thick and big. I should have taken a closer picture. I tell ya...we ate great all weekend! And....we didn't even have to clean up! Yeah to that!
Dessert that night was Cream Puff Dessert! Let me tell you.....this rocked! I even got the recipe! Yum! Look at how the chocolate and caramel toppings just oozed over the dessert. Yep, it was scrumptious!
These are the two other girls who stayed at Craft Farm this weekend. Courtney is on the left. She is from Colorado Springs, CO. She flew in to visit her friend Jessica who lives in Toledo, OH. Jessica grew up in Colorado and they have been friends since junior high. They were both so very nice! This picture was taken Saturday night before they left to go to their special dinner. They upgraded their stay with a Diva package that included massage, facial and dinner out. Courtney reminded me of my dear friend Christie in Tennessee. Kinda weird, but neat.

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