Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Craft Farm Highlights-Sunday

Mom and I stayed up late Saturday night into Sunday morning. I missed breakfast and grabbed a bagel and yogurt to go as we left Craft Farm. I slept in long enough to shower and quickly pack my supplies. Whew! I haven't stayed up that late in a long time! I was making this page about 3am Sunday. :)
I had these pictures of Jack from one of the many times he was under the spare room bed. I thought it would be funny to do them in a "film sequence". I created the filmstrip edge with my Spiral Stampin' Up! punch. I then added some strips of double-sided paper I cut using my Cutter Kit tool, some punched stars and bling stones. I added red as an unexpected accent color. Everything was too green/black/white for me so I got weird and added red. LOL! (click for a closer look and read the "movie theme" journaling on the next pic below)
We stopped to see Julie and Josh on our way back home. I got to see adorable little Tucker! He is Riley's brother and weighs about 2 pounds less than Riley. He's just a peanut!
Tucker was checking out the box of Girl Scout cookies we delivered to Julie. *sniff sniff*
Well, that's the super simple version of highlights of our weekend. From here on out, I'll just show other layouts I completed while there. More to come later this week! Thanks for stopping by!

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