Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Odd Random Whatnots

For those of you who visit my blog for crafty things....well, this post might be a disappointment. For those of you who visit my blog for random everyday life stuff....well, you hit the jackpot! :)
My first daffodils bloomed Wednesday. These are the miniature ones under the kitchen window. They are so sweet and little and happy! I think the next bunch will pop out Thursday. I love daffodils. Every spring it's as if God puts them right there to see me smile. :) Too bad Jack wanted to EAT two of the blooms. I have to search online now to see if daffodils are toxic to dogs. What a weirdo!
Jack was smiling while outside with Riley and I on Wednesday afternoon. My thermometer said 67 whopping degrees! The sun was almost intoxicating and the breeze was delightful! He had a fun conversation with a squirrel on the power lines. It was funny!
Jack:Ruff Ruff
Squirrel:Bark Bark
Jack: Ruff Ruff
Squirrel: Bark Bark
Riley is almost in camo with his "caramel blondie" fur. He was sniffing out the next "treat" while back in the mulch at the corner of our back yard. Man, those mulch beds need cleaned up! See next picture for sampling of yard treats.
I found random things in the yard, including this "log" of mulch that obviously intrigued them. They also had a hunk of mortar from the loose bricks on the one flowerbed border. Can you imagine what else was in the yard? Well, Kevin got all that after supper. Peeeeee---Ewwwwwwww! :) The boys love to chew sticks, mulch, dead leaves, sticks, mulch, dead leaves, sticks, more sticks, more mulch and so on. Ugh!
About a week ago, I was sitting at the computer and looked down to see THIS! Blood on my Jack! What? What happened? Was he bleeding or was it blood from Riley? Well.....Riley is losing teeth and his gums were bleeding while they wrestled and bit each other's fur. Yep, it was just blood from Riley. Whew! I thought I had a doggie trauma on my hands. LOL!
Riley says, "What's up brother, did I get my blood on your pristine white fur? Ha ha ha. I win this wrestlemania I think. arf arf :)" *sniff sniff*
Right after that I took Riley's picture. It's as if he's saying "Who? Not me." LOL! Two boy dogs are way more rambunctious than one girl dog was. It's giving me gray hairs!
Ok, now for the really weird, really random thing I saw when I went to Hobby Lobby last Saturday. I pulled into the parking lot and passed this van. I read it, then reread it(talk about a major doubletake). You'll have to click on the pic to get the full view of what it says. (Butcrak Plumbing--No Actual Butcrak ever shows, then a phone number). If a man hadn't been sitting in the van, I would have moved my car and parked it by the van for a really close picture. I was sitting in my car and held the camera out the window and over the trunk of the next car so it's far away and blurry as I had to zoom in. If that doesn't make you scratch your head, then who knows what would. Oh my! For real though! What was THAT? *giggle*
I made spaghetti Saturday and when I took the last noodles out of the box, this is what I found. A spaghetti "U". Never in my life had I seen that. LOL! Yes, I truly do find things in life extremely entertaining. I am weird, but I have fun. LOL! I cooked it with the rest of the noodles.
In the Joann's craft store parking lot was a flock of seagulls. They must have been lost. I mean, HELLO birds...Florida is south. LOL! Some were even taking a break and laying down. I rolled down the window, said hello(yes, I talk to animals) and snapped their picture. (Ok, now I doubt myself...these are seagulls, right?)
It's these kinds of random things that make up my life. It's the kind of things that might not even humor the next person, but I find delight in the details around me. Thanks for letting me share. Stay tuned for more crafting coming up soon. I am working on Abby's wedding invitations and hope to have them done soon. I am just waiting on the shimmer cardstock to arrive from Papertrey Ink. I got a haircut today and we went over the wording so the design is a "go".

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Valerie said...

I think getting excited over small things is life is a beautiful thing.. :o)