Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eskie Ornery Day?

Today is Jack's first birthday. I think he knows it's "his" day since he has done just about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING ornery as possible! Here's a little recap of an Eskie Ornery Day that isn't even over! Oh boy! The testosterone is flyin' high today in this house! LOL!
I always joke that I have to take 50 pictures to get one good one. Well, I finally had Kevin hold him for this shot. Isn't he a handsome birthday boy!?
Despite the rainy, dreary weather I got a few pictures he was ready to dash after Riley as they ran like maniacs outside. I had two VERY wet boys after that! It's interesting to try and dry one dog as the other one bites the towel. Oh boy!
Wait...Jack...sit...oh....wait....ugh. Yep, I took about 10 like this one before Kevin picked him up. He was chasing Riley, naturally. Oh boy! It's like he's saying with that licky tongue...."Momma, show me the cake!" Uh...oops. I forgot to get his doggy ice cream treat (Frosty Paws) when I was out and I didn't want to go back out in the rain to buy it. He and Riley will celebrate another day. Besides, I think they are wound up enough as it is today. Oh boy!
Did you know that Jack not only attended the prison training program called Eskie Behind Bars while he was under the care of the rescue, but also GRADUATED? Yep, I have papers to prove that he KNOWS his commands. However, he likes to use many stall tactics to avoid going back in his kennel. See tactic one above: SUPER GLUE YOUR PAWS TO THE CARPET AND WHEN MOMMA PUSHES ON YOUR HIND END, REFUSE TO MOVE. Oh boy! LOL! He should just go right in when someone says "Jack, kennel." Should, I said. :)
Tactic two: LAY ON THE FLOOR FACE UP AND PLAY WEAK BOY Yeah, he acts like he just can't get up and if you try to get him up he really gets "weak". Oh boy! LOL!
And, lastly...even if Momma tells you not to jump on the spare bed where you always jump when given the kennel command....well, DO IT ANYWAY! LOL! Yep, tactic three is JUMP ON THE SPARE BED AND LOOK AWAY. If you do not see Momma and pretend to not hear Momma then Momma surely isn't telling you to get in your kennel. Yeah, right. You see, Jack knq3w2o (yes, he just typed that)...where was I...Jack knows his commands. He just likes to use stall tactics even though he NEVER wins. He is quickly scooped up by Momma and put in the kennel anyway. Bummer, dude. Oh, boy! Wonder what new tactic he'll come up with next?
When trying to take said "perfect Jack first birthday picture", please remove younger brother dog specimen or you'll get THIS repeatedly on your camera! fight fight fight Oh, boy!
I told you. It's non-stop action here in the Simmons house. I don't know what they put in the water lately, but man oh man. Boy oh boy. Yep, it's a joy to know this baby boy Jack-a-ma-Dack. I am so thankful he's ours. Happy Birthday to this furball!
Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that when you try to take the perfect picture of birthday boy dog, he may also jump on your chest and stick out his tongue. Look closely, it's that silly little pink thing hangin' out of that ornery Eskie mouth. I tell ya...he's full of it today! Oh, boy!
He can even do tricks. Some dogs "shake". Some roll over or play dead. He can do the "one ear up, one ear down" trick. I guess he tries to hear what's happening all around him and gets this super goofy look. LOL! Oh, boy!
Ok, Jack. Now that's ENOUGH! I think he got the camera and took his own picture here. I'll be back soon with something crafty I hope. Yeah, that is when I get these wild turkeys under control.
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday sweet Jacccccccccckkkkkkkkk!
Happy Birthday to you!
And many more.........

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