Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon Antics

I enjoy my Wednesday afternoons off. Yes, I know I've said that for the last month! LOL Yesterday afternoon I gave Macy kid a bath. The bath routine for this pooch is quite typical each time. I say "Come on, let's go get your bath." The dog sits down and I take off her collar. I say "Come on, kid...get in here." The dog looks away. I finally use my "get excited" voice and say "Come on, Macy. Let's get your bath. You're such a pretty baby!". She looks quite depressed by this point and slowly walks to the door of the bathroom...but not a step further. I then go back to the running water, swish in some doggy shampoo and try again. By then, she's really looking half frightened and quite certain she won't win the bath battle...again. LOL She is a good dog. Don't get me wrong. This dog finally walks into the bathroom and glues her butt to the floor as I try to pick her up. I swear she has extra "uh oh I'm not taking a bath" muscles that she uses at this time. During the whole splash, shampoo, rinse and squeeze process, she has a look on her face that says "Mom, I know you hate me." LOL Once I give her the cue, she puts her front paws on the side of the tub as I get the first 18 gallons of water off her fur. I then pick her up, set her on the double layer of towels on the floor and she does her version of Elvis' pelvic thrust and shake...about SIX TIMES! The walls get wet. I get wet. The towels get wet and I just giggle with delight. She is just one of the many joys of my life. hee hee

Then, I open the door!!!!!!!!!!!! Sha-zammmmmmmm...she's off like lightening! She literally runs room to room with such glee it's hilarious. "I'm free! I'm free! Yes, I am free!" *pant pant pant*

She then pounces on the towel I have in the hallway. OH, but she doesn't stay long....sha-zammmmmmmmmm...she's off and running!

She rolls and rubs in "her" chair and gives me the "why on earth do I have to get baths, Mom?" look. LOL
I used to get so bent out of shape when she did this. I mean, gosh...I don't want MORE fur on the fur-niture! Then, I quickly got over my anal retentiveness about this and just giggled and giggled. She is quite a character. She finally goes back to the towel in the hall and I dry her with the hair dryer while brushing all the loose hair out. See, our bathroom is the size of a postage stamp. I used to "trap" her in there for drying time, but we were both so hot by the time I was done that I had to change the routine. Now, it's run-run-run then dry on the towel. Except for.....

....when she has truly had enough she walks into the living room, sniffs a bit, lays down and then turns to look at me. "Ha! See, mom....can't keep me on the towel! I've had ENOUGH!" LOL

Oh, but remember I am the boss! Yes, she does come back to the towel. She walks away about five more times and finally I say "Ok, enough." By then, she's so happily exhausted. She'd never admit it though. You should have heard the tales she told daddy when he got home. (ex: mom tried to drown me, she threw me in the tub, etc.) Ah....hog wash! I mean dog wash! LOL

She is so very relieved that the wet doggy towels are all washed and put away again. She always knows when the special towels come out it's bad news. *snicker*

Her favorite part of this whole process is getting her collar back on after she's had hours to finish air drying. It's as if she feels "fully dressed" when I put it on. How do I know? She tells me with her happy dance.

Just a little laugh for today. I'll have some fun Macy pages to show the next few days since I know you all just can't get enough of her. LOL They are from a few years ago. I found them when I was sorting pages that needed to be put in albums. I finally got my STACK of pages from 2006-2008 in albums/page protectors. About time, huh?

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