Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Hodgepodge

Today's post is about a little of this and a little of that...
Here's the last pink card. The scalloped chipboard piece is colored with Pretty In Pink craft ink. The beaded strip uses Sticky Strip, retired Soft Subtles beads and clear microbeads. The flowers were stamped in Versamark and embossed with clear powder, then stamped again directly onto the cardstock using Pretty In Pink classic ink.
I mentioned I got my hair cut shorter this week. Same hairstyle, just shorter now. I took some dumb quick pics but won't update my profile pic with this one.
There's a party in my mouth and it's because of these donuts! LOL Lerch's are a local fav and such a treat at fair time. They are originally from the county next to ours. My co-worker told me about them and they are SO worth $5 a box! We got one box for us and one for my parents.
I wish you could pick one off the screen and taste it. The white ones are powdered sugar/granulated sugar and the brown ones are cinnamon/sugar. Delicious! Mmm! I took a pic of the full box for my parents because a very big mouse had already been in our box. I won't mention any names. *snicker* Yep, it was me. Kevin and I are seriously keeping track of who eats how many of each one. They are good enough to get all selfish about it. LOL
I love animals. I think I talked to every goat at the fair. I can't help it. I am silly like that. This one was so peaceful all curled up and sleeping. Sweet, huh?
These two were snuggled up with their heads together and sleeping. I wish I had taken a picture of the teeny tiny baby one in the other barn. It was half the size of Macy or smaller. It's little face was about the size of a cat's. So super sweet. It was nibbling hay like the bigger ones. I could have brought them all home with me. Macy would have been a LITTLE bit jealous. LOL
Besides the goats, the rabbits are my favs. This one was all dressed up for Halloween. Can you guess who it is going to be?......80s rock star Pat Benatar. See comparison below. LOL!
Ok, well I guess that's all the hodgepodge of events I have to share for today. Thanks for stopping by...oh, but let's jam to a Pat song HERE first. I love 80s rock! Go ahead and play some air guitar if you one's watching. LOL!

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