Friday, September 5, 2008

Macy pages & A Mailbox Surprise

Ok, here are the 7x7 pages I did a few years ago on Macy. I have one of the older style CM albums that are 7x7 so that's why her pages are that odd size. I also sometimes do more recent pages about her in 12x12.

Smart. Special. Happy. Adorable. Yes, she is all of the above to me!!! :)

Click to see the journaling up close. LOL OH...and the TONGUE! We don't give her a lot of people food, but she likes all she's tried...except lemons and nectarines. "Eww, mom!" I know you've seen a human wrinkle up his/her nose when something doesn't taste good, but have you ever seen an Eskie do it? It's hilarious! Please note, too, that we don't give her any of the "harmful to dogs" foods by any means. She gets top of the line dog food, lite dog treats, baby carrots and the occasional small bite of safe people food. She's worth it! She's our baby, you know. We want her around as long as possible.

Ok, having an American Eskimo dog means two things. Fur and more fur! LOL She gets brushed quite often, even more during her major shedding times. I can fill a Wal-Mart bag full when she is shedding her winter coat to summer and vice versa. I love doing it outside so I can flip it all around in the air! I can't believe she hasn't gone bald with as many times as she has been brushed. I think for each hair I brush off, eighteen replace it! Seriously. Bottom line...I'd rather have this dog and all this fur to deal with than no Macy kid. Period. She is so totally worth it. Plus, dog owners look so cute with fur on their furniture, clothes and in their vehicles, right?! LOL Oh, to mimic her furballs, I glued on tiny pom-poms around the sentiment. Goofy me, I know.

Ok, I have to share my mailbox surprise from Connie. Some lick-a-licious ribbon and this very pretty card. Go ahead...lick your monitor screen. I know you want to. I'll look away.


Not sure when I'll post another fun mojo-ish creation. My allergies are wacked and I'm feeling run down. I never had allergies until I moved to Ohio and I do NOT like them! If I get all crafty this weekend or if I see something delicious on my web-surfing journey, I'll share it here. Thanks for stopping by...

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