Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Card, The Fair & Elvis

Well, we survived the high winds aftermath with no power outage, etc. Others haven't been as fortunate. Power outages are all over this area, schools/businesses were closed and trees/leaves are scattered! I am so thankful as I type this to have a house with lights, a computer that works and a fridge full of cold food! A lot of Ohio Edison trucks went to help out in Texas and will have to get back home to help those in our area. They are expecting 2-7 days until power is restored for some areas. Wow! I am definitely counting my blessings.

Here's the other card I made using some of the scraps of patterned paper. I used the SU! set Alphabet Soup (retired). I love how the letters are all jumbled up like the real letters in a bowl of alphabet soup. I used markers to color the stamp, then added different colors of Stickles for some shine! Mmm...yummy glitter! I used yellow on yellow, purple on purple and iridescent on pink.

Ok, now some fair highlights...

Yes, my knucklehead husband leaves his clothes on the floor. *rolls eyes* Macy doesn't care as long as she has something soft to lay on like daddy's jammies. What a goofball. This is the face we got when we were leaving without her. Poor kid. She's so neglected....NOT!

I am tickled to say that I got FIRST PLACE at the fair in the scrapbook category! See my blue ribbon? *smiles ear to ear* Kevin was so sweet. He went out to the fair alone Monday morning to see how I did and the building was closed for judging. So, when we got there in the evening he was saying "Come on, let's go see how you did." Then, after he saw the blue ribbon and we were leaving the building he said "You know I support you 110%, hon." Guess I better not call him a knucklehead, huh? LOL I am just so proud that I used my two nieces and my nephew for the subjects. They are quite special to me!

I was in line for a funnel cake (which by the way, there is NO graceful way to eat a funnel cake and not keep from wearing powdered sugar...LOL) and here came "Elvis". He had three sheriff's deputies with him like he was a rock star. I'm not sure what was more hilarious...the sheriff escort or his "I'm constipated" pose when I asked if I could take his picture. LOLLLLLLLL! What you can't see are his legs. He did the "Elvis" stance with one leg bent behind and one bent in front. Double LOL!

Oh and Mom.....see the lady in the upper right corner drinking a Coke? That's our fav waitress Tyanne from Jake's. hee hee

Ok, Tuesday night is the Tracy Lawrence concert at the fair. I am meeting Joan, Connie, Nancy and Robin there! Woo hoo! Time to get some country groove on....boy I hope to get some really good pics of that good 'ol blue-eyed country boy then! Yee Haw! There's just somethin' about him. Love that crooning voice! We have 10th row seats! Yes!!!!!!!! Click HERE to hear one of my favs he sings!!!

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Lisadwb said...

Congrats on the Blue ribbon!!! How cool!