Friday, September 19, 2008

A Card For Wendy

Another pink card....same colors,etc. as yesterday's card. I added the woven ribbon piece for a very distinct and prominent focal piece. I made this card especially for my dear friend and upline Wendy. Today is her birthday! I delivered it Thursday night en route to my haircut. Which by the way....I told Abby to "go shorter". Gasp!!!! Yep, it's now to my earlobes. It'll grow, but I was in the mood so snip...snip. LOL I can feel the breeze on my earlobes again and it's super weird! I want to do it all sassy and pieced instead of just straight straight straight. If I get a new pic sometime, I'll update my profile photo.

I had a square piece of chipboard that was sturdy and helped with this technique. Using wider ribbon makes it so much easier, but I had the Pretty In Pink ribbon in the skinnier ribbon so that's what I used. I put double-sided tape on the back for the ends going each way. You have to take your time, scrunch down each piece as you weave and then secure the end after it is woven. Clear as mud? Basically, you have to have 18 fingers to do it. LOL

If you look closely, you can see that the bottom row is just barely on the top surface of the chipboard. I considered starting over or just undoing it all, but it had taken too long and I couldn't bear the thought of destroying it. So, it is what it is. Wendy didn't mind. When I handed it to her she said "Oh, it's gorgeous!" Perhaps she won't notice my goof. :)

Oh, I just noticed...the sentiment is from Papertrey Ink. Everything else is SU! besides the Stickles. I'll have one more pink card to show and one scrapbook page this week. Thanks for stopping by!'s finally Friday. I've had a super busy and tiring week. Kevin and I are going to the fair one last time tonight. Yep, it's tractor pull time. I will lovingly go, but it's sure not my THANG! LOL It's supposed to be a chilly evening so I'll just lay my head on his keep my earlobes warm. LOL I get to see my niece Julie Saturday so I can do her makeup for a wedding. Other than that, it will be a relaxing weekend I hope. Enjoy yours!!

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