Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Concert Highlights

For those of you who aren't country music fans, this post might bore you. For those of you who are possibly fans or think you might be on if you'd like. For those of you who are true Tracy Lawrence fans....well, you need to sit down. Whew! I'm typing this at 12:20am a little over an hour after I got home. I am still WIDE awake and replaying the event in my mind. Yep, it was a good show for sure. 10th row was awesome!!!!!!! *faints*

Emerson Drive (aka Serious Eyecandy...LOL) opened the show. I was familiar with some of their songs and they did rock the house down. At one point, the whole band was lined up at the front, playing some songs. The drummer (last on right) was sitting on the "wooden" box you see between the first two guys and it was the most awesome drum machine that had various sounds when he tapped it a certain way. Totally neat! The lead singer (third from left) was wonderful! His wardrobe person deserves a gold medal. Whew! You know what eye candy is don't you? Yep, he's it!!!! LOL Quite a talented group!

This is one goofy picture. Tracy Lawrence recently signed a new artist to his record label Rocky Comfort Records. This is Michael Scott and yes he was THAT close. He jumped off the stage and worked the crowd, went all the way into the grandstands and made his way back again. Very personable. He has a single on the radio now. Ever heard of him? I hadn't until the show.

The lady on the left told him she needed a picture of his butt and he said "What, you need a picture of my butt?" in the microphone and then proceeded to do this. Yes, this is a G-rated guy and it was quite hilarious to us all. He was a pretty good sport to act goofy for her. LOL Hope nobody gets offended that I posted it.
Ah....the last pic I took as I walked out. Just think....lots of hard-working crew members will help tear down and repack all that equipment in here. They are on the road to Pennsylvania next in two days. Wonder if they'll go home between shows? Who knows. Just hope they have safe travels. Yes, it's real. I walked up to the stage near the end of the show, waited 'til Tracy didn't have his guitar and waved his CD booklet and my black sharpie marker towards him. I said, " Will you sign this please?" and HE DID! I hit the jackpot. I then told him "God bless you and thank you!" How cool is that? How nice of him!!!!!! Ah...see why I am WIDE awake. Connie asked me if I was going to use that sharpie again. Heck was out of my craft stash. I need it back for projects. Seriously though....I will cherish this memory and what a great time we all had. *faints again as she remembers the heart-pounding excitement* I did have a racing pulse after this!!! Just ask my buddy Connie. LOL

There's the man. He crooned out his best songs and even a Merle Haggard classic. Awesome!

There are certain songs of his that just take me back to the past. Those songs are classics to me. If there's one man who can twang the right way, well it's Tracy Lawrence. Can I get an amen?! I think Texas Tornado and I See It Now are the ones that made me melt.

My little Canon point and shoot camera took some half fuzzy pics, but I can't wait to get copies of Connie's pictures. She has a Kodak with 10x zoom. She has pics so close they'll make your pulse soar! Ahhh....
If I ever met him, I'd have to tell him two things: 1) Tell your wife and kids how much I appreciate the sacrifices you all make in order for you to tour and share your music with your fans...and 2) I'd tell him how much his music has meant to me over the years...through severe heartache, happy times and just wanting to jam to the twang. He's a good man who gave a great performance. OH and his blue eyes ain't all bad. Mmm Hmm That's what I'm talking about!

I need to sleep now. Whew! We'll be back to stamping stuff on Thursday. Thanks for letting me share my highlights.

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