Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up Up & Away!

This page is pretty simple. The patterned background made this one easy! I simply double-matted my photos, added some foam Thickers, added red dotted lines on each letter and put some rub-ons on two of the pictures. *click picture for a closer look if you wish*
Uh, last night when I was typing the post about Ryder... somebody stole a sock from my laundry basket and look what happened. Now, I think the true thief is not shown in this picture. His name is Riley (aka sock thief #1), but Jack (aka sock thief #2) most likely helped create this hole with a series of tugs while the sock was in Riley's mouth. I know how these two thieves work as a team, you know. Ugh. Gosh...I loved this pair of socks. Oh's just a pair of socks. I guess if I leave my sliding closet door open more than two inches, thieves will attack!!!! LOL! They both got scolded, then I ran to get my camera to capture the one thief on camera. I am a scrapper you know!!! You see any guilty dog in the background? He's quite handsome I must say. *giggle* OH, yeah..notice all the glorious dog slobber? Eww. They are kind of like toddlers....if they wander off for too long, you KNOW they are up to no was proved in this case of missing sock #87. I would guess that's about how many times they have stolen socks around here. So glad the evidence wasn't eaten by ravenous little mouths! *giggle*

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