Thursday, August 20, 2009

Terra's Shower

We pretended that the front office was having a staff meeting, but Terra had a clue something was up in the break room. She was still red in the face when we yelled surprise and so gracious about her shower gifts. :)
We all chipped in to get her bedding set. She was tickled to get it and said "I know what I'll be doing Saturday." She meant that she'd be washing the bedding and getting it set up in the crib.
Our nurse practitioner gave her a "homemade baby wipes" kit with a recipe to make more.
I told her we needed a belly picture. I think she looks fabulous for being 33 weeks along. You can't even tell she's pregnant from the back. She can't wear her rings anymore from swelling and says she tires out more easily. She is eager to meet her son soon!!!
Vickie made this blanket, which is so nice. I loved the scalloped edge and it even matches the nursery colors. Terra said she will keep it near the rocking chair and snuggle with Ryder.
The cake was certainly unique. We cracked up and said how it was one-of-a-kind and so perfect for Terra. She and Dave are outdoorsy and love to hunt, ride four-wheelers, camp, etc. Vickie made this four-wheeler cake and Kathy made the "camo" booties to go on the cake. Kinda funny, huh? Terra said she bets Ryder will be wearing lots of camo, too.
Vickie had an extra sugar bootie so she covered it with icing and brown sugar to make a ramp for the plastic four-wheeler. *giggle*
Of course, a party at our office is not complete unless there is a spread of food. We were all ready for naps after that delicious lunch and yummy cake! We managed to work the second half of the day though. Thanks for stopping by! Check back tomorrow to see another scrapbook page.

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