Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrating Richard

My precious uncle Richard turned 50 years old yesterday. We all went to Perkins for dinner and Grandma had brought a cake from Hawkins....white cake with white icing...the best! Their cakes are unbeatable! Ahhhh...
He just smiled as we sang Happy Birthday to him. He got cards and some new clothes. Since he loves music so much, Grandma got a cake with musical notes.
Here he is with my mom and dad. He is my mom's brother. I love everyone's smiles here.
He was excited to get gift cards to Red Lobster and Jake's. Yum!
I had posted a page called Unconditional Love a few days back showing a layout of Richard and my Grandma. She lovingly takes care of his every need. You can see the love in his face as she helps cut up his salad at dinner. How precious. Richard is indeed a blessing to everyone! I can't wait to scrapbook a page about him.

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