Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Kevin

After church (wow, what a service!) and a great lunch at Olive Garden (yum!), we headed home. Kevin was eager to take a lazy Sunday afternoon nap, but I asked him to go outside for a few pictures. His glasses have the Transition lenses so they immediately become dark, but he looks better with them than without them, so....I got this one. I guess dark glasses and all, it captures who he is day to day. After about SEVEN pictures, he was done. You know a scrapper has to take many to get one, right? LOL! Happy Birthday, hubby! He's 45...going on 12. hee hee
I told him his hair matched his shirt. It took him a minute and then we both laughed. LOL!
This is what arrived Thursday at our house. Meet Alice, Kevin's new girlfriend. LOL! She's an Allis Chalmers WD45, I think. (Lord knows if I run out to see, I'll just have eight paws following me so it's just easier to type my guess.) I just know it's orange, runs well and is a "therapy tractor" for him to tinker with. I have my scrapbooking, he now has his garage therapy. LOL! He used to have tractors, used to be in tractor pulling, etc. and always wanted another one. After a long thoughtful debate between the two of us...well, Alice is here. He got a good deal on a great tractor. Kinda funny that we live on a busy street in town and we have farm equipment in our garage. It's not even as big as my car so it fit in there beautifully. I would also love to fix up our breezeway to make a nice tool shop for him. Perhaps, someday.
This is Kevin with Mr. Williams. He is such a dear, dear man. He has several tractors and had this one for sale. We met a great, honest man during this whole tractor thing. Kevin has seen him pull his Minneapolis-Moline several times, but only made the connection of who he was when we saw "Skinny Mini" in his tractor building. He even delivered the tractor to us and was such a dear person to meet. The neat thing...he kind of reminded me of my maternal grandfather. I think it was the shape of his mouth and the way he said some things. I just kept secretly looking at him as I thought of my Gaggy (grandpa). OH, and Harold...see that hat Kevin has on? He loves that Synagro hat you gave him a while ago. He wears it to work a lot. :)
I'm off to do laundry and tackle the mess on my craft table...finally! :)

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Lisadwb said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!!
(HB said he would call K after church, and we warned me that it could take awhile. LOL)