Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Tale of One Sock

(rated: super high cornball factor)
There once was a little dog who liked to steal socks. He'd grab it and run and have so much fun.
One day he was sleepy and needed to rest, so he ran off to the laundry room to steal Daddy's best. The next thing that happened made his Momma grin. She found Daddy's sock up under his chin.
He carried it with him wherever he went. He played hard with his brother, I bet he was "spent". (insert puppy snoring here)
He got snug on the bed with his trusty 'ol sock (a dirty one, I might add) and didn't even care about the time on the clock. (Can dogs tell time, anyway? LOL!)
He scooted around and around and around on the bed, and as you see below he "socked" his brother on the head. (insert Momma laughing while she types this super cornball tale)
side note: If dogs could talk, I bet he was saying "Neh neh neh neh neh, you can't get it." and then shoved it in his face. Yep, they are ornery. They tend to taunt each other with things like bones, sticks and even socks.
After a bit, they were all done. Momma said "kennel" and there was no more fun. The End. (notice Jack's "I'm bored with this tale" yawn....oh well, I had fun....hee hee)

Enjoy this clip of me catching them red-handed. Or well....with the sock in their mouths. Of course, they cracked me up and you can hear that. Then, I had to use my "Jack" voice (one of my many noises/voices) at the end. My camera card was full and it cuts off at the end. Oh well....thanks for laughing with me. They are truly hilarious in person. This is just a snippet of the daily antics of two wild pups.
Mom and I are going scrapping tomorrow night, so I hope to have some pages to share soon. I have to get things sorted/priced for a garage sale, so this week might be slim pickin' in the crafty department. :)

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