Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend

Kevin and I walked back to the Balloonfest Saturday evening. It had been pretty overcast all day. We worked outside for about 5 hours trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and pulling up some "award-winning-super-tall" thistles in the landscaping. Those suckers are viscious and they love to root next to other plants, shrubs and the foundation of the house. We got them though. Yeah!
Several hot air balloon teams drove elsewhere to launch and flew back in to Freer Field. The balloon above simply inflated there at the field while we waited for the others to arrive. The announcer stated that it would take 77,550 basketballs to fill up the inflated balloon. Being this close really put that into perspective. It was kind of neat to see the fire and hear the "whoosh" as the balloon filled with hot air and swelled.
The part of the field roped off for landing had two large white "x" targets. The balloons would fly in and as it approached, the person in the balloon basket would throw down a bean bag and try to get as close to the target as possible. Kind of a fun competition for the balloons. Most of them landed and we watched as the teams would deflate and prepare the balloon to be put away again. I thought it was pretty fascinating. I can't say I'd like to be up in those balloons. That is pretty high!
As we watched to the south, balloons would slowly appear above the treeline. The one at the far right was the first to throw their bean bag and land.
Oh my...are we rough around the edges or what! After working outside all day, we decided to shower (and skip make-up and shaving....LOL!) and go get some greasy Balloonfest food. A lot of the vendors also come to the local fair in September. We stuffed ourselves and watched the balloons land and walked back home. Before leaving the field, I had to check out the alpacas and the petting zoo. You know how I love animals. There was even a kangaroo! Wow!
I took this picture on Friday evening from my mom's car. We went to Akron and on the way back the sun was shining through the clouds so beautifully. Click on this picture to see just how beautiful it was. Wow! It's as if the light is shining down from Heaven. Wow! I love when this happens. It is just beautiful.
I have to upload some fireworks pics and I'll post again in a bit.

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