Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I had bought these patterned papers and matching ABC stickers a LONG time ago to do a page about Macy. I was digging in my "dog" scrapbooking stash and found these again. I decided to do a page about Jack's 1st birthday. I used the ONE to make the title, arranged the remaining letters around the photo, then added some small stickers in the place where ONE would have been. It was totally a moment that would make any math teacher proud that a 30-something-year-old was using her basic math skills to align the stickers evenly. Bwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhh! Make sure you click on the pic for a closer look. The ABC stickers all have a word to do with dogs that match that letter. Too funny when you read them all!
I wasn't sure what or if to journal, so I just added this in the corner. I matched the Bazill cardstock to the patterned paper. It is a color called Boogieboard. Fun name, huh?
Thanks for stopping by! It is after midnight as I type this and I'm officially cross-eyed from pricing garage sale goodies and lacking sleep. Riley is just laying here chewing his bone. I think he got a second wind. Jack, however, is sacked out by my feet. LOL!

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