Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Jewelry

I was invited to a jewelry open house at Vickie's house tonight. I had never heard of the company and was so excited to see their items are $10-$32! Just Jewelry is a Christian company based in Springboro, OH whose motto is "Because who you are is more important than what you wear". Vickie had met the consultant when she dropped a catalog off at our office. All the girls in the office flipped through and swooned over something on each page. The neat thing about their home parties is the huge selection of "cash and carry" items. The consultant had actually gotten a list of some of our favorite items and ordered them in for tonight, but with no obligation to buy. I picked out my fav necklace and earrings, plus some more. I had to put a few back so I didn't blow my budget. The new fall/winter catalog will be out soon and I can't wait to go to Chris' party in September. At these prices, you can really afford to have nice fashion jewelry. Check out their website and catalog HERE. I also noticed that their consultants make a 50% profit. Now, that is generous! The variety of what is in the catalog really makes them a "one stop shop" for jewelry. The fall/winter items will be geared more towards the warm tones of those seasons. This current catalog has a tropical/traditional mix. There is something for everyone in there. Love it! If you browse the catalog and want anything, I am happy to share the local consultant's name with you. Just ask.
These are the Belize earrings. They are very lightweight and won't hurt my earlobes. They might look super-sized here, but they are about the size of half dollars.
These are the Sunset Strip earrings. I like that they have the two pieces and dangle a bit. I don't have many chunkier dangle earrings and with my hair longer I like it. They also have the hammered silver finish. Different than anything in my jewelry box.
This set is my total fav! It has the 23rd Psalm and with the black suede cord, it will go nice with most anything. Can you tell my fav is silver jewelry? Although my wedding ring is yellow gold, my fav is still silver. I am just so excited to discover this wonderful new company and will definitely be purchasing their items again. Hmm...now what scrubs will I wear tomorrow that will go with my new Psalms earrings? What I hope, too, is that this will become a conversation piece. I am sort of on the quieter side about my faith (except on my blog), but I can talk to a complete stranger, too. If they ask me any questions, it will be a chance to share about the best thing in my life. Jesus. :)

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