Sunday, July 5, 2009


Kevin and I sat our chairs up in the backyard to watch the fireworks, which are done about 3 blocks south of here. I was outside just long enough to get a few shots before the dogs were scratching at the door to go inside.

Riley was frantic and wanted to run up the stairs to our room. I went up soon after and found him under our bed. He sat on my lap for the duration of the series of booms, then he vomited. Yep, he was that scared. Bless his heart. During the finale when the booms were loudest, Jack growled. After it was all over, Riley would barely go outside to potty. I think by today he's forgotten most of it, but he's a bit gun-shy with any unusual or louder sounds. Poor guy.
After we were all upstairs for bed, Riley passed out and Jack chewed a rawhide. I think Riley was flat out exhausted from the stress. :)
I had every intention of making and posting a patriotic card, but with working outside all day and attending Balloonfest, I never made it downstairs to my craft table. Oh well....hope you all had a nice weekend. We went to "church service in the park" today and enjoyed the free hamburger and food afterwards. The weather is so nice again today.
God Bless America!

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