Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Simple and Mr. Dandy

I needed a super simple, quick and speedy card to take to work tomorrow for Dr. R's b-day. Kraft cardstock+patterned paper scrap+dark brown cardstock+brown twine+stamped sentiment+punch out+self-stick nail head bling=super simple, quick and speedy! :) Hey, I think that twine matches my new hair....nyuk, nyuk, nyuk (Three Stooges laugh).
Dandelions are weeds. They are mostly unpleasant, annoying and tend to grow where they don't belong. However, I am fascinated by them and have found them to be less annoying when I consider their intricate design. I found this dandy Mr. Dandy just outside our back door and with the sun shining, it just glistened. Wow! Look at all his fuzzy wuzzies. I have also been known to stop mowing to grab one and blow its bits around. I know, I makes MORE of them grow. I figure instead of grumble about them, appreciate God's intricate wonders. I have also seen stamp sets of dandelions and the saying is "Scatter seeds of kindness". The next time you see a Mr. Dandy, think not annoying thoughts, but pick it and blow! Then, go about your day scattering seeds of kindness! :) ooh...ooh...and see how each fuzzy wuzzy has little fuzzy wuzzies coming off of it? Just think how kindness could spread more kindness. Yeah, I think I'm lovin' the dandies!! They are just one more way God whispers His wisdom to me. Do you hear Him, too?
Yeah, this one will become a layout in the near future. Wow is an understatement! Say it again....WOW! ( go back and click each picture for some amazing up-close detail...the stem looks like wood grain)

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