Thursday, September 24, 2009

The County Fair

Our first trip to the county fair was tonight. We wanted some fair food (oh, yeah!) and to walk around a bit. Of course, I had to go talk to some animals. I am humbled and honored to tell you that I got first place and best of show for my three scrapbook pages this year. I was excited because two of the three pages I entered glorify God and are a testimony in ways. One was the Sonshine page I showed a while ago and the other one is titled Web Of Life and features this spider below.

For several weeks, I have watched this spider build and rebuild a web on our light pole. His tiny life and diligent rebuilding made me think rather deeply and inspired a scrapbook page. I will share that page real soon. Just today, I took this picture of him "resting" in the center of his newly rebuilt web. It's the biggest and best web yet! Go, Mr. Spider, go! (If you click the picture to make it bigger you will get a REAL close view of his underside. It's creepy, but I am so glad God put him here to remind of some things in my life.) *shivers* So, go it! Eww!

I researched spiders on the "web"...aka internet. Ha ha This kind is in a category called orb weavers. They usually have poor vision and detect their prey by the vibration of the web when something lands on it. The silk of the web is sticky so it can catch and wrap its prey. By the way, I was totally creeped out looking up spiders on the internet. Even pictures of spiders make me wiggy. There are different orb weavers, but I have no idea which spider this one is. Anyone know? It's not the common yellow garden spider and I quit looking at pictures after a while. EWWWWWW! This little rabbit just made me giggle. In fact, all the rabbits were cute as a pickle!! There was one that was literally bigger than Riley! Now, that's a big rabbit!

This pig had his/her bedding all bunched up to make a snuggly bed. Kind of like I do with the sheets in our bed that I hug when I sleep or get under my chin just right to get all comfy.
Some of the lambs have shirts on to stay warm. I think the lambs are one of my favorites, because my thoughts go directly to Jesus. He was the lamb slain for our sins. How precious is this lamb and how precious is He who died for us!
This handsome little speckled devil is a curious, hungry goat. They just crack me up! Snack, anyone? ha ha

Now, this rabbit thought a sip of water was lip-smacking good! How sweet is this!? Adorable!

We're going back to the fair tomorrow night for the tractor pull. I already decided since I've blown Weight Watchers points today, I am done with fair food. I will eat here before I go and maybe just get something to drink there. I'll take breaks from the tractors to browse the merchant buildings, talk to more animals and just watch people. We have another busy weekend ahead with my grandma's surprise birthday open house and church. I'll post more when I have a chance to exhale. I have several other pages to share, plus the special spider page, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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