Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr Muddy

Hmmm....a muddy Eskie is a funny Eskie. Well, that's what I had to tell myself this one day. He is ornery, even if he is the quiet one. LOL!
To create the tag, I placed letter stickers on and sponged two colors around the stickers. I then carefully lifted off the letter stickers and threw them away. Finally, I inked the edges with chalk ink and added dark brown faux stitching.
I added white faux stitching and dark brown faux stitching on one layout. Don't be afraid to mix it up!
The boys have "puppy Nascar" quite often. Thankfully, it doesn't always lead to baths! They both did get regular baths Sunday afternoon. I think I was just as wet! LOL! Kevin was gone so he missed the whole event. I washed Riley in the kitchen sink since it has the handy spray nozzle and was much easier. Jack gets in the big tub. They were both very good boys. I bet they'll be rolling in worms soon, though, as they don't like to smell like foo foo dogs. Puppy shampoo is gentle, yet smells yummy to me. Check back tomorrow for a glittery snow page.

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