Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kevin @ 45

Over the next several days, I'll be sharing the layouts I made recently. I won't bore you with reading oodles of details. Instead, click on any picture you want to see bigger and I'll just highlight maybe the more unique details. Thanks for letting me share my ideas. I have certainly enjoyed the process! Love, love, love to create!
The patterned paper is printed with a distressed edge. I mimicked that by sanding the edges of the photo, then inking it with white ink. Love how it really made a unique hazy frame around the photo. Letters are chipboard colored with craft ink. The only other materials are Going Gray cardstock, white gel pen and a journaling pen.
Kevin read this and said "introverted?". Perhaps I should have used the word "reserved". Same thing. LOL! I also asked him if he thought he was "gray-haired" and he said "well, maybe a bit...why?" I told him "Oh, ok...just wondered." He didn't know until he read this what I was doing that for. hee hee
This is one of the many positions Jack likes to be in while Momma scrapbooks. He was wedged behind the rolling cart of punches and next to the wall. I bet it was a space about 15"x15". ha Most often he has his nose touching my chair. If I roll, his nose will be smooshed!
Riley sometimes lays next to Jack. He's a snuggler. This time he was behind the trash can, next to my white stand with the Cricut. As you can see, he was touching the wall, too and not sure if his nose was against the blue trash can or not. I had to hold the camera under the table to get this shot and had to be sneaky. Funny how they like to be touching something when they sleep. At night, Riley is always in my back! Keeps me warm, but watch out if I roll over! ha
Come back tomorrow for a Riley page!

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