Friday, March 14, 2008

Cookie Monster!

A cookie monster (or two) has invaded our house! This is a treat after a hard work week....a cookie sampler plate! You gotta try all the kinds, you know. *wink* Kevin had his fresh coffee and I had my glass of skim milk. (Does drinking skim milk help negate the calories of those yummy cookies?! LOL) These little yummies only come once a year and today was our day to indulge. Hmmm...wonder how long these five boxes will last with TWO cookie monsters in the house? Just one of the little things in life that makes us smile. My favs are the Samoas and Trefoils. Kevin was just rolling his eyes at the fact that I wanted to take a pic of our crazy indulgence. He should know by now that his blogging/stampin'/scrappin' wife takes pics of EVERYTHING! LOL
Hope everyone has a good weekend. I am heading to a 12-hour crop tomorrow and have to go pack my goodies now. I will have super duper sugar energy to do so! LOL *wipes cookie crumbs off mouth* Uh, could someone pass the Rolaids? LOL

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