Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bulletin Board Makeover

I had a plain wooden frame cork board in my craft area.  I decided to cover it with batting/fabric/ribbon to match my new Cricut/Cuttlebug Cozies.  I got all of the supplies at JoAnn Fabrics.  I need to reinforce where the buttons are, but for now it's ok.  I was pleased with the finished board.  I added some of the same things to this board that were on there before...favorite pictures, quotes and keepsakes.
 In this picture it looks like the ribbon on the board really does NOT match the Cozies.  It is a bit different, but not as different as it appears here.  Now, craft area is in the basement (aka 70s vomit decor), so I have to make things pretty/prettier despite what's already down there.  As you see, my white cubes are elevated on other shelves, etc.  Our basement got flooded last May and I am NOT taking any chances.  I can handle the water soaking into the cheap white shelves more than ruining my precious scrapbook inventory.  I pray we don't endure that mess again this year.  :(  Anyway...I am pleased that an ugly cork board is now a snazzy matchy-matchy board.  I can now mark that one off my list!  Yippee!  By the way, I did this Saturday night when I should have been packing for my trip to the Craft Farm.  I did get packed by 7pm Sunday.  Whew...can't wait to go Thursday-Sunday of this week!  :)
I did laundry tonight.  For kicks, I arranged all my scrub pants in ROYGBIV order.  I will smile in the mornings when I choose my pant color.  ahhhhhhh...I love ROY!  hee hee

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