Sunday, March 4, 2012

Be Happy

 I made this card for my friend Terri.  Her birthday was Friday.  She celebrated all day, then we donated blood and made cards at a crop with my mom until the wee hours of the morning.
 The Whisper White piece was cut out using the Cricut.  I used all Stampin' Up! supplies except for the bling.  This color combo is just so happy.
 I used the marker to rubber technique.  I colored each area with two different colors...two greens and two pinks.  It gives the image more dimension.
 On Thursday night, this is what my Elfa desk looked like.  I always manage to pile things up and give myself so little room in which to be creative.  I had about 8 inches of space to finish her card.  I was in the process of packing for Friday's crop when it dawned on me that I needed a card for Terri.  I had to switch gears without cleaning off my desk.  I will get things organized.  When I do, I'll post pictures.  I think I've promised that before.  *sigh*
Today is kind of a lazy day.  Kevin has gone to work and the dogs and I are lounging around the house.  While I surf the internet, Riley is wedged against me in the blanket with his new little t-shirt on.  Jack is sprawled out napping on the spare bed until someone walks by and he then goes into "guard dog" mode.  Thanks for stopping by!

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