Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jenny's Page

These pages belong to a fellow scrapbooker I met recently. She got permission from her sister for me to post these pictures. She had adorable supplies she found at the Target Dollar Spot and had asked for me to help with a few details when we sat near each other at a crop. This is how things turned out. The lighting isn't all that great and the pic looks crooked as I had to stand on a chair to get the full layout in one shot. :) I handcut the large heart and she made the cute faux candy. You can see a close-up of that below. Her niece's shirt says "sweet as candy" so it matched the page theme perfectly! Isn't her niece adorable?!!
A few punches, a cute brad and recycling some plastic packaging makes one cute piece of candy! To keep the ends secure, we used dental floss to "tie" it. Funny, huh?! It worked!
The last two weeks of April flew by and I haven't been on this blog in ages. I've been to two more scrapbooking crops since I last posted and have lost another two pounds. I have recently started training for two 5K races that will take place this summer. It is a challenge, but I am adding some running to my exercise program. I can't wait to hit the finish line of both races with huge tears of accomplishment in my eyes! I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!!! Some days I feel like the girl I was 34 pounds ago, but other days I feel like a lighter, more improved version of me. It isn't easy, but there's no stopping me now. I will win this battle one pound at a time (with God's help!). This next week I hope to spend more time training and just taking it easy here at home. I feel a huge need to exhale after being so busy the last month or so. I have a gazillion weeds that need pulled, and a to-do list that overwhelms me. I think I need to do little projects here and there to keep the "gotta keep busy" part of me satisfied, yet back off on other things so I can rest. We'll see how I do...I have a hard time some days just giving myself permission to do nothing. I'll try to get around to posting more fun stuff on here soon. Just not feeling my mojo lately. Sorry.

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