Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter 2010

I must have forgotten to post anything about our family Easter celebration. Here's a few quick pictures from the day.
My family (minus one niece and my nephew) after church in Worthington, OH. You can tell it was sunny....three guys with darkened lenses. LOL! The rest of us squinted.
My mom's birthday is April 4th, so it fell on Easter this year. She brought down a cake from the local Hawkins bakery. Seriously, their cake is my fav. Ooh, yeah!
Josh's birthday is April 1st, so we tend to celebrate both birthdays together. He got this fun cake from his fav cake shop in Columbus. Easter was a day filled with celebrations this year!
UPDATE: At Weight Watchers tonight, I was down 2.8 for the week, making a grand total lost of 32 pounds! Thank you, Lord! :)

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