Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here's another card I made for my co-worker to buy. Her youngest granddaughter Maggie will get this one. I used some fun patterned paper as the inspiration. I used circle punches to create a matching ladybug and added some Stickles glitter for some fun shimmer! I love to personalize kids' cards, because I know how special I felt as a child when I received something with my name on it. The small pink strip of paper is the pattern on the back of the ladybug paper. I love double-sided papers as you get a coordinating pattern to use however you like. See the white gel pen dots and the different way I tied the ribbon? Just wanted to add something different. This is a standard 4 1/4"x 5 1/2" card, but I gave her a larger envelope that wouldn't ruin the ribbon. Do you like? I was tickled with how it turned out and sure hope it makes Maggie smile. I made an identical card for my best friend's daughter, Lauren. Today is her 8th birthday! So sad to think I haven't visited Tennessee in 8 years...I last saw her when she was 5 weeks old! *sniffle* I can't wait to travel south in September. I have a lot of hugs to give Christie and her family. I have missed them so much. Thank goodness for internet and phone to keep in touch!
Here's a closer look at the shimmer. It added just the right finishing touch!
All crafting aside...I have some serious praises to pass along. In a nutshell....MY HUSBAND GOT A NEW JOB! He is working at the local family-owned Home Hardware. You can see more about the new place HERE. More importantly, I must tell you one HUGE detail in this news. Upon filing Kevin's unemployment claim for last week, I noticed he had $170.00 in benefits left before having to file an extension. God's timing in him securing a new job proves yet again that God is in control of every detail of life...big and small. It is no coincidence he got the job last week. No coincidence at all. I am in awe of how God works in our lives. He provides even when we think we can't do it anymore. He loves us beyond measure. Lord, I am in awe of You!
Lastly, I have to update you on my weight loss. Again, I can't do this without God and the support of my precious family. On Thursday, I weighed the lowest I have in over ten years. How amazing is that? I can't wait to see what the final loss is at weigh-in Monday night at Weight Watchers. Then, I'll have to report my weekly and total losses when I update on here again. I have also noticed a huge change in my body this week. I am losing inches and it feels great! I can't wait to discover a thinner me as I continue on this difficult journey of weight loss. I am determined to never go back to the weight I was when I started Weight Watchers. Wow! Thank you, Lord!
My heart is overflowing with an attitude of gratitude! It's all because of God! No questions asked. :)

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Lisadwb said...

Cute lady beetles. Maggie is going to love it.
God is good!!