Saturday, April 3, 2010


I got this adorable card from Connie when we returned from the Craft Farm in March.
Joan sent this lovely card to my dad in February after his heart attack. I love the combo of using Versamark ink and black ink.
Here's a close-up of the sentiment. Love those little gold stud details on the ends. Self-stick bling rocks!
I made this card for my co-worker to give to her granddaughter. After I made it, I was a bit disappointed that the "t" in this font on the Cricut looked like an "r". Looks like BERhany, instead of Bethany. Kathy still loved it and that's all that mattered. She wanted pink and glitter details. The card base is white and when you close the card the punched detail on the end would have white showing through. I simply took this pic with black cardstock behind it so you can see the details better.
For all you glitter lovers, do you want to lick this shiny glitterfest? hee hee I used Stickles in various colors to do this, plus added some purple bling stones.
Now that Spring has arrived here, the boys are glued to the open windows. The thing is...there are no screens in yet so I can only crack the windows. This one is near the spare bed, so they lay there with their noses hanging out...watching traffic and sniffing out squirrels. haha OH and they do this DAY...
....AND NIGHT! So funny. Once I have the screens back in, they won't have to hunch down to sniff. They'll get a full-face breeze of luscious spring smells in their face. :)
The other lookout is the ottoman by the front picture window. As you can see, the woodwork is destroyed! Oh well. I don't have my house on the market, nor do we plan to move anytime soon, so... This is Jack in his "guard dog" stance....and.... his "relaxin" position. Gotta love how his paws are stretched out to rest on the window ledge.
Everyone have a happy Saturday! Thanks for stopping by!

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