Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garage Sale

Just a quick hello between head-bobbing in the recliner and letting the dogs out....I am whooped! The good news....the garage sale netted about $630 total between us all. The remainder of my stuff was dropped off at Goodwill this afternoon. I am so excited that I can now use some fun money for WHATEVER I WANT. I have a bad habit of giving all my money I receive as bills! I am just too responsible I guess, but this time IT'S ALL MINE! hee hee I don't miss a thing in the stash that was in the sale. Not a thing. Hallelujah!'s gone!!

Had a bit of a scare last night with my Grandma going via squad to the ER. Thankfully, it was just a bad case of vertigo/vomiting. She was treated and sent home. Vertigo comes out of nowhere and makes you feel like you've been hit by a truck or as Kevin said "It's like you're on a ride spinning around that you can't get off." Ugh. I am not one for amusement park rides, so I hope I NEVER get vertigo. She is super tired today, but thank goodness she's better.

I'll be back on Monday with something crafty. I gotta rest now. *snore*

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Connie said...

So glad you had a good garage sale and got rid of "stuff". Sounds like a little retail therapy to A is in order. LOL