Friday, May 14, 2010

Dollar Spot Flowers

Here's version #2 of the Top Note mini card using more of the flowers from Target.

I am looking forward to the weekend ahead. On Saturday, mom and I are going to Holly's card class. I am also working on the final details of a fun project for my niece. She is in charge of everything regarding a friend's bachelorette party in Florida. How cool is that...all the girls are flying to Florida to have a fun weekend with the bride-to-be. I am designing a unique beach-themed invitation for the girls. Once I have it all finished and take pictures, I'll post them here.

Weight Watchers update: Down 33.8 as of Monday. As I creep closer to my 50-pound goal, it seems like I have some weeks where I am just tired of eating healthy and I eat junk. It comes back to bite me in the behind (pun intended), but then I'll get motivated again and get back on track. Food has been the wonder drug for so many years, so like a drug addict has to avoid crack, I must choose to not use food to medicate my happy, sad or frustrated moments. It's hard. It's really hard. I have learned a lot about myself in the process...good and bad. I am going to keep plugging away. I am still motivated, but I have my moments. One day I'll be thrilled to post on here that I am down 40, then wait until I can say 50. One pound at a pound at a time. God is good!

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