Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got bones?

I got the boys new bones at Wal-Mart tonight. Got home, opened the packages and laid one bone in front of each dog. Riley grabbed both in his little mouth. I chased him to get this picture(upstairs and back down, mind you!), all while trying not to die laughing. Now, when I look at the picture, I die laughing again. We don't call him THIEF for nothing, you know. Oh brother! His mouth had to hurt. Look how far it is stretched! Dogs are so funny! Luckily, he surrendered one and they are both happy dogs right now chewing away on their new bones. LOL!

OH, and an announcement for everyone. A world's record was broken in our house Sunday night at approximately 6:55pm. My Christmas cards are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!

Today's blessings:
*comfy loungewear
*swimming at the Y with mom
*sneaking fries out of the bag from A&W while mom drove (she got Daddy and Kevin coneys and fries, yum!)
*finding the perfect cards of encouragement to send to someone I love (oh gosh, yes I bought cards instead of stamping them....I need them pronto and can't wait to stamp some.)
*having all the screens out of the windows and put away up in the garage
*cracking up at dogs who love Momma's lip balm...eww, I got licked on the mouth!
*seeing my precious neighbor Wanda
*Kevin raking leaves for Wanda just because
*oh, the list could go on and on....
*and freedom! Happy Veterans Day and hope each of you had a chance today to stop and thank God (and a veteran) for your freedom. If not, do it now. Thanks for stopping by!

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