Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blondes Have More Fun?

Well, I don't know if blondes truly have more fun. I seem to have fun no matter what color my hair is, but I still wanted my blonde hair back. The blessing is that when I got to the salon today, Abby told me my mom had left me a surprise. I said "Is it food?". (Typical question for someone who loves food, huh? LOL!) No, she said mom had already paid for my haircut and highlights. I cried. My mom just knows when I need her. Little did she know that money is super tight these next two weeks and I had budgeted my hair appointment into it all. How blessed I am!! Thanks, Mom!

I had another busy week. I am so glad it's Saturday now and that the weather is scrumptious! The sunshine makes my heart smile. Later this evening, Kevin's mom is taking us to dinner. She treats us every now and then since we don't see her much. Then, we are going to the Saturday night service at church. We usually go Sunday morning, but I told Kevin since I was up early today, I prefer to sleep in tomorrow. It's the same message, so we can go on either day. I want to work on Christmas cards more tomorrow and oh, yeah...isn't there always a pile of laundry to do? Ugh. ha

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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