Monday, October 12, 2009

Whatcha been doin'?

You may have thought I felt in a well. Nope. You may have thought I ran away from home. Nope. You maybe even thought I didn't love blogging anymore. Another nope. I've just been busy busy busy. With Weight Watchers on Mondays (down 9.2 pounds so far...yeah!), Bible Study on Tuesdays and trying to keep house, finances, groceries, etc. in line...well, I'm just a busy woman. Here's some highlights of what we've been up to this past week.
I managed to make and send this card the same day. My friend Karin's little boy turned 2 on Saturday. It took me forever to make this because my mojo must be in Egypt somewhere. *sigh* Oh well...I hope he liked it anyway. He's a cute little guy, too!
Entertainment for an unemployed man includes a joy ride on the tractor in our neighborhood. Oh brother. He put the "legal Beagle" red triangle on the back and off he went. He never knew I took these pics from inside. I think he was grinning from ear to ear. I know he was when he got back. He said all the people at the university soccer field just looooooooooooooked his way. Not every day you see a tractor in the city. LOL!
There's hubby and Alice getting ready to go for a stroll down Smith Road. Ha!
Riley got groomed on Saturday. I told Maria to trim his little face shorter. Ugh. I know I told her to do that, but I am still not used to his "no fuzz" face. It will grow. I will just have to trim by his eyes if I keep it longer. He's still a cutie pie.
Don't you just want to kiss that little nose? I sure did. He was sacked out and never even knew the camera was in his face. ha
Now this is serious. Jack was passed out it seems. I was on the couch while they napped a bit on Saturday morning before I was up and at 'em to exercise and do yardwork. I enjoyed a wonderful 45-minute walk around the neighborhood with my MP3 player that is loaded with awesome Christian music. It's my time to relax, reflect and praise God.
Yes, Jack...we know you are cute. ha Isn't he a handsome devil?!
Some of the afternoon was spent on my lap...fighting over one bone, you know. They love me. I love them. It's great.

On Sunday, these two were serious couch potatoes. That is the newspaper from Saturday that still hadn't been read on Sunday since so much time was spent on Momma's lap. It's hard to read through fur, you know. ha
Oh, yes. We can't forget Blankie Tug-o-War with Riley. He whines at his kennel until I open the door so he can get out his blankie. He purposefully looks where my hand is so I don't close the kennel door behind him. He grabs it quick! He brings it to me, whines and then wants me to grab the blankie and pull. Then, I cover him up, he wiggles out and we start all over again. I tell ya....that is hilarious!
So, as you can see....I have not fallen in a well, run away from home or lost my love for blogging. I have been busy walking to lose weight (and get some alone time with God), busy with WW meetings, Bible Study and misc. life stuff. Not sure when I'll get crafty again. My mojo is absent as of right now. I will let you know if I find it somewhere. OH and did I mention I did THREE hours of yardwork on Saturday? That is for the birds!!!!!!!!!! Kevin and I got three huge bags of weeds, etc. Yuck! Ok, off to wind down and get ready for bed. Have a wonderful week!
I haven't done a song in a while. Let's find a good one....
Ok, HERE you go. Enjoy! The lyrics are incredible! Although things in life are constantly changing, His love for me never changes. His incredible Unfailing Love!

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