Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

I added this Welcome to our old wooden back door. It is from Stampin' Up! and I ordered it when I was invited to a workshop here in town. This is my second attempt using their Decor Elements items. Easy!
I created my own vinyl wording using my Cricut and their brand of white vinyl. Can you tell from the dog hair and dead bugs this is on the back window of my car. ha ha Yeah, I'm going to get those bugs soon. I did clean my car windows today, so that's progress. This wording is from the Graphically Speaking cartridge. I try to enjoy life each day, so this was perfect for my car.
We took the dogs to Mohican State Park today and hiked the easier trail between the Covered Bridge and Pleasant Hill Dam. They loved it! Riley wanted to explore. Thank goodness for leashes or the turkey would be gone!
Jack had something in his mouth and we freaked when we thought it was a mushroom. Nope, it was an oatmeal cream pie that some kid probably dropped. I know Jack wishes he would have chomped it to at least taste the cream inside! ha ha
Jack rested and smiled on our pit stop near the dam. Ah...sunshine makes us all happy!
I love the sound of the leaves under our feet (and paws). Swish Swosh Crunch
What is this?! Riley thought he needed to stand on my shoulder and PUT HIS BUTT ON MY HEAD in order to see out the back window. Oh brother! Never a dull moment here!
At one point, Jack was on my lap in the back seat, then Riley thought he needed to be ON both of us. Yes, I know I look haggard. Excuse that look and just check out that cute pooch in the middle.
Until today, Jack HATED to ride in the car. I guess he just snapped out of it and decided to enjoy the ride. He put his front paws on the console and leaned on Kevin. Oh and he also sniffed big time since the front windows were wide open! ha Yeah for Jack!!! Atta boy! Dogs are supposed to enjoy this!
Oh, some days he looks so much like Macy it's freaky. You know...this time a year ago she was at the vet hospital. Friday marks the one-year anniversary she died. Jack really looked like her today when he looked out the window on the car ride. *sigh* She was a great dog and so is he!

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