Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quick Hello

It's Thursday night. I just enjoyed an hour on the treadmill. Love it! I am doing laundry. Tomorrow night Mom and I are going to a crop from 6pm-2am! I am off work tomorrow, so I am going to sleep in, then kick it into high gear planning the pages I will work on at the crop. I hope to have some creative goodies to share soon. Thanks for being so patient with me posting here less. I am filling up my extra time lately with wonderful time walking or doing miscellaneous. I stay busy with Weight Watchers, Bible Study and whatever else goes on around here. I still need to post two Halloween cards (mine and Connie's) soon. Thanks for stopping by! How about a great song? Click HERE, then click the play arrow to listen. This was the last song I heard on my MP3 tonight. Awesome! I am so glad I am His!

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