Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 Minute Home Decor

I kid you not that this plate rack has hung on our bedroom wall for over five years...EMPTY! I used some Stampin' Up! Decor Elements words to decorate three tiles in less than 10 minutes. Now, I must ask myself why on Earth it took over five years to fill? I guess it just needed the right thing on the tiles. I used these words as it is part of the verse used in our wedding (9 years ago today) and it just seemed fitting. Perfect, I think! I am happy with them!
I got the boys some blue monster costumes at Target today. They aren't so sure about the head gear! LOL! I will take better pics to use on a scrapbook layout....with adorable monster paper to boot! I found the paper first, then the costumes. Perfect! They make me laugh.
Jack was feeling tortured. That's an Eskie for ya....doesn't want messed with! :)

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Jenny said...

Oh my gosh! First of all "Happy Anniversary!" and second, Jack is hilarious. I can't see Riley as well but Jack totally cracks me up!!!! Have a great day!!