Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well, today Kevin got the news he's laid off. He has been at his present job just a few weeks shy of a year. Must to the branch manager's dismay, he had to notify Kevin of his layoff. Hopefully, when business picks up in the Spring, he'll be back on the road again. He was promised to be called back as soon as business picks up. The waiting begins now, but also we must praise God in this, too, as we know He is in control...always! I told Kevin to keep his chin high, not sleep all his days away (and get depressed), not to think he's on vacation (!) and I asked him to step up to the plate and help with more around here. He told Ron he'd wait about three months while drawing unemployment, then he'll have to get serious about finding a different job. So, the journey begins again. I'll keep you posted.

On a lighter note, I haven't done anything creative lately. I have recently been showing you all the layouts I did during my last creative marathon. I have been busy lately with Weight Watchers on Mondays (down almost 9 pounds now!), Bible Study on Tuesdays and miscellaneous with church/life/family filling in the gaps between. I am in great need to enjoy the free moments I do have so I can rejuvenate my brain and body. I have to get back to the drawing board on adjusting time, budget, etc. So, I'll be a busy girl with some other things as we adjust...again...to life on unemployment. I count my blessings and in no way want you to think I am down-hearted right now. I am not. I have His peace to keep me afloat. I am so grateful for God's love and guidance in all things. He is good...all the time!

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Connie said...

Natalie & Kevin, I'm so sorry to hear about the layoff again. You two certainly could use some good luck. So glad you are not down in the dumps and that you have your faith to help you get through this again. Hang in there.